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Invest in the cannabis industry and earn dividends up to 66%
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How it works?
The Sweet Fields platform suggests investing a little (or a lot) of money in a marijuana growing business. Having invested now, for example, 100 euros, in 180 days our depositor will receive goods guaranteed for 136 - 166 euros (depending on the yield and, accordingly, market prices). Of course, at any time you can withdraw your contribution and dividends in the form of a commodity - varietal cannabis grown in amazing conditions and on the best plantations. We also work with trusted suppliers of premium quality medical cannabis.

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Crowd Growing Online
Select the variety of medicinal cannabis and the desired number of bushes
Contribute to the development of the cannabis industry

By purchasing plants on our website online, you not only invest in the development of the cannabis industry, but also receive a profit in six months.

Choose a variety of marijuana and the number of bushes for your budget. And our specialists will grow chic bushes in their greenhouses, which create ideal conditions for medical marijuana. For loyal customers, we have developed loyalty programs that allow you to save even more on the purchase of medical marijuana.

Crowd Growing Online
We accept payments in Euro, Bitcoin, Ether & Tether

You don't have to invest a lot right away. It is enough to make a minimum payment of the equivalent of 50 Euros to start, to make sure of the benefits of the cannabis industry with Sweet Fields.

Choose a convenient payment option and order the desired number of bushes based on your budget. And professional gardeners will grow marijuana bushes on their plantations, and after 108-180 days you can harvest.

Crowd Growing Online
The platform for growing cannabis Sweet Fields

Become the first one to join the new fast-growing business! What do we offer? We invite you to start a legal business related to the cultivation of cannabis. To start this business, you do not need high investments and land! It is enough to have an amount of 50 euros. Already after 108 days, the investor can make a profit such as a full return on investment along with interest.

The investor determines the size of the investment and sets the boundaries of future income, choosing the variety of cannabis and the number of its bushes. The rate of growth, maturation and yield of cannabis vary. Moreover, the timing of making a profit and the amount of it differ. It ranges from 36 to 66%. Everyone will be able to choose the best path for themselves.

Revolutionary business. Big opportunities.

We give an opportunity for investors to make a profit legally. You get a bush, and all the further actions are performed by our specialists. Cannabis growers, in turn, receive additional funding and create the necessary conditions for the rapid growth and maturation of the plant. We offer only certified varieties that our partners have the right to grow under the license.

The average duration of cannabis maturation takes approximately 108-180 days. The raw materials are being used for the production of medicine as well as other products. The oil and cosmetic industries produce extracts intended to protect and moisturize the skin. Active substances allow you to stop inflammation and start recovery processes. Body butter makes the skin soft and silky, special creams protect against acne, and shampoos maintain healthy hair.

Hemp is used to make paper, clothes, as well as furniture. It is successfully used in the field of construction and repair:

  • warm facades of houses;
  • substrates for parquet;
  • walls.

The raw material is excellent for the manufacture of construction materials and ropes. In the case of the food industry, you can also make syrups from cannabis for cakes, sweets and drinks production. It's amazing how many necessary and useful things are made from hemp!

How to cooperate with us?

To become one of the investors, you have to register on our website. You will quickly understand the features of the platform and will have an opportunity to make choices in favour of a particular plant. How many bushes do you plan to grow?

The cannabis industry is now one of the industries that shows rapid growth. Now it is mostly available for investors with big budgets, but we want to change that. Now everyone, who possesses 50 euros or more, has the opportunity to finance a legal business. You do not need to invest millions or issue expensive licenses. There is no need to buy land and hire specialists, it is enough to make investments so that after a short time they pay off with interest. We offer several varieties of hemp for cultivation, which differ in growth and maturation rates, as well as yields. Let's grow and develop together!

Certified Cannabis Varieties
We grow exclusively certified varieties of medical cannabis in accordance with the license. The ripening period of the culture depends on the variety and ranges from 108 to 180 days.
Vast experience in the cannabis industry
In the field of medical cannabis cultivation, the Sweet Fields platform has been working since 2012 and exclusively with verified licensed enterprises.
Investments in a profitable legal business
We provide an opportunity for investors to receive passive income every 3-6 months. You invest in a bush, and our partners take care of all the care related to its cultivation.
Unlimited Business Industry Opportunities
Do you know how many useful things are made from hemp? The raw materials of hemp bushes, in addition to the medical field, are used for the production of cosmetics. It is used to make a substrate for parquet, heat-insulating materials, ropes and much more.
Our Partners
Crowd Growing Online

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What is SweetFields?
SweetFields is not only a team of cannabis lovers, but it is also a crowdgrowing platform that unites people with licensed cultivators and traders worldwide. This groundbreaking arrangement brings the forces of partnerships to result in increased, sustained cultivation and an investment opportunity for you. In turn, the partnership arrangement ensures that the economic advantages are kept within the crowdgrowing community, which means that e-producers (investors), licenced cultivators and suppliers preserve the revenue and value. Through the crowdgrowing, producers can expand production to make the final product cheaper, higher quality and easier to export. What is more, the new e-producers can start a business (own investment) with fewer risks and eliminated ordinary barriers, such as start-up expenses, licensing, growing experience, and distribution, thanks to the shared knowledge in this arrangement. You can become one of these producers yourself! Our licensed cultivators will take care of your plant. When registering on our platform, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions, so it is in your interest to read them attentively.
Are SweetFileds activities legal?
Of course, the activities are fully legal due to the cooperation with licenced partners. Our partners have licenses for the breeding and processing of medical cannabis within their area of operation.
What is the history of SweetFields?
The concept of SweetFields firstly appeared in 2021. We were a small team of 3 people at first, who were interested in the development of legal cannabis. We spent months gathering and analyzing data to define market opportunities. We noticed the high demand and a low supply of crowdgrowing platforms. Also, during that time our team had acquired the required skills and knowledge to develop a platform that enables everyone in the world to profit from the medical cannabis industry. We are happy to announce that currently, we are one of the fastest-growing crowdgrowing platforms in the EU. We have numerous partners around the world and thousands of clients in Europe.
What is the mission of the SweetFields?
Although the cannabis sector is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world, it is also a very complicated one, which requires a lot of funding and licensing. The main reason why we have launched this platform is to give an opportunity to anyone to become a member of the cannabis industry. We work hard every day, to make it happen. We are proud that the number of partners is skyrocketing proportionally with the number of e-producers on our platform. We have set a goal to increase our market share and conquer the palace among the top 5 suppliers of the high THC cannabis worldwide by 2030.
What are the risks?
There are some risks like in any other business, however, we are committed to lessening them at every step. This includes the selection of the partners we cooperate with and many other requirements. Overall, we are devoted to our e-producers, cultivators and partners, as we are all part of the crowdgrowing platform. We calculate and introduce solutions against the most frequent risks in both standby clones and existing production facilities to avoid contingencies. Anyway, there are risks against which no one is insured from. For instance, abnormally high or abnormally low temperatures, are obviously, unfavourable to crops. Also, there might be incidences of natural devastation. For example, flooding may lead to the occurrence of new types of fungi, diseases, insect infestations, and safety incidents at the partner's property, which may result in the licence being revoked. If any of these cases occur, SweetFields will do everything possible to ensure that e-producer yields are received and funds are deposited into your e-producer account as soon as possible. See Terms and Conditions Please note that in case of military actions, climate disasters, or cataclysms, EVERY partner can't renew a shipment of plants. If the company faces bankruptcy, local financial authorities must assume any losses or recognize them as forfeited. Please take into consideration, that such occasions happen very rarely, as we have partners all over the world (Europe, Africa, South America) to ensure guaranteed supplies. It is important to remember that SF, partners and e-producers, no one benefits if any party defaults because all parties are part of crowdgrowing and benefit from this arrangement. The sale of THC cannabis is a significant future-looking business.
Where do your partners export medical cannabis?
We have already mentioned that all our partners have licences for breeding and selling medical cannabis. In addition, some of them are also authorized to produce and sell derivatives. Firstly, the raw materials must be delivered to licensed producers to make further processing, packaging and sale. Then derivatives and products must be delivered to large licensed distribution networks. The final points of sale are pharmacies and other businesses, where is a shortage of medical cannabis.
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The popular name for cannabis is any plant with five-fingered jagged leaves a
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